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横浜に住む直恵ちゃんとニューヨークに居る私は、2016年に”あとわ” 結成以来お互いに行き来をして、少なくとも年に2回はコンサートを続けてきました。







The new piece “Jigen”!

We worked together remotely on the recording and finally completed the pieces, “Jigen.”

Naoe lives in Yokohama and I live in New York City. We’d been constantly back and forth in two countries and performing at least twice a year since 2016 until 2019. When the Pandemic hit the world last year, we started figuring out how we can play together.

Our music is mostly improvisational. We write a few motives and the rest is whatever flows out, inspired by each other’s sound. Several online programs that can allow us play together are out there but they are not good enough for us to use to express what we want to express. So we tried different ways.

One day, one of us recorded an improvisational piece and sent it to the other, and we tossed it back and forth. This is how ”Jigen” was born. We found out that it was not easy to create a new piece without playing simultaneously. Operating recording devices and softwares are not our forte, either. But it was fun doing “trial and error.”

I’d been taking videos of water for a while, putting randomly together with rough ideas and sending them to Naoe. She edited and added nuances. The whole project was spontaneous!

“Jigen” means Dimension. The pandemic has been shaking the world and people’s mind. You might’ve felt as if you were capturing a glimpse between dimensions. We felt it in this music.

In this period, I think many people have thought , felt and had conversations within themselves. If you can choose a dimension you want to live, what kind of world do you choose?

I have chosen the one with full of love and joy!





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